Maryamana Hospital in Erbil

​​Founded in 2020 by the Catholic Chaldean Church, with both local and international partnerships.

The Maryamana Hospital is a non-profit organisation leading the improvement of health care throughout Kurdistan and Iraq. It is a Catholic community based hospital that provides healthcare services to all faiths.
The hospital is named after the Virgin Mary : we will live the healing mission of the church by offering hope, health and healing to every individual whom seeks our care ,providing assistance to the whole person in a Catholic spirit of equality and interfaith serving all, the poor , the vulnerable and those without a voice.


Our first responsibility is to our patients and their families and all others who use our services. We will provide our services with skill, compassion, and respect for human dignity, regardless of race, creed or religious affiliation. We believe that God is present in every life and that each person is a manifestation of the sacredness of human life.
Our second responsibility is to our staff and employees, who enable us to care for our patients and clients. We will respect our employees’ dignity, and recognize their merit and value their contributions to the Maryamana Hospital. We will constantly support professional and personal growth in support of our service to others. 

Our third responsibility is to our community. We believe that our responsibility extends beyond the walls of our buildings and into our communities, especially to the poor and needy among us. 
Our final responsibility is to the future. We will be faithful stewards of our resources to preserve our ability to carry out our Mission and serve our communities for generations to come.

Core Principles

Maryamana Hospital acknowledges the uniqueness of every person: patients, residents, staff, and families. Each person is created in the likeness of God and is respected regardless of race, creed or religious affiliation and economic status.

Maryamana Hospital is committed to the successful completion of goals in the spirit of our mission.

Maryamana Hospital is a dedicated to establishing and meeting high personal, spiritual, professional, and organizational goals and standards.

Maryamana Hospital is committed to the is the good and ethical use of organizational, material, financial and human resources entrusted to its care.


Maryamana Hospital is a healing ministry of the Chaldean Catholic Archdiocese of Erbil, which aims to live the healing mission of Christ by offering hope, health, and healing to every individual who seeks our care, with special care given to serve those who are poor, vulnerable, and without a voice.


Maryamana Hospital pledges itself and its staff in constant service to improve the health and lives of all those in the community through dedicated approaches to:

  • Managing care and providing services;
  • Community and International partnerships and collaboration;
  • Advocacy for the healthcare of all those in need.