Hospital Tours

​​Our Hospital regularly hosts tours of the hospital’s facilities. Taking a tour allows attendees to experience a “behind the scenes” look of our top service lines.

The tour can be developed for

  • ​​Intermediate & High School
  • University and institutional students.
  • Organizations, General groups interested in learning about the comprehensive health services at the hospital, or certain companies that would like to send their employees for regular checkups.
  • Expectant Mothers who are preparing for childbirth.

The tour may include:

​​The hospital Lobby, Administrative offices and Auditoriums, Child birth center for the expectant mothers, Outpatient clinics, Briefing about our health services and departments, Our Hospital Systems for IT students, Event halls, and Cafeteria

The tour should be about 30-45 Minutes and each tour should not exceed (20) visitors per each tour.