To make your stay in hospital as smooth and comfortable as possible

​Use of Electrical Equipment

To comply with electrical and safety standards, the use of personal electrical items in the hospital is not allowed. The only exception to this is the use of a mobile phone charger. If you cannot bring battery powered alternatives and feel you have to have certain electrical appliances such as razors, hairdryers or radios during your stay, they must not be used until inspected and approved by the Engineering Department. Request this through your assigned nurse or the ward clerk.

Nurse Call System

A nursing call system is provided at each bed. There is also a pull cord hanging near the lavatory to notify your nurse if you need help or assistance while in the bathroom.

Fire Safety

Staff and patients have an ethical and moral responsibility to make sure the environment is free from fire hazards and to know what to do in case of fire. For this reason, we do carry out fire safety drills from time to time.
If you hear or see a fire alarm please pay attention.
Do not panic.
Please leave all personal belongings and listen to instructions from staff for safe evacuation.
Do not use the elevators.
On arrival in your room at Cuban Hospital, find out where your nearest entrance and exits are.

In case of emergency

In case of fire or emergency, call 0750100033107501000441
(Hospital Fire and Safety Department).