​Going Home

Your doctor will decide when you are ready to leave the hospital. Your doctor or your nurse will explain and discuss with you any special needs or assistance that you may need to plan for when you get home. A copy of your Discharge Summary will also be given to you before you leave. Having this information before you go helps to ensure a smooth move home and continued progress with your recovery. If you have any concerns about your discharge, please discuss these with your nurse or doctor.

Once your discharge process completed, your room can be prepared for the next patient who is already booked for admission that day. We suggest you arranges with a family member or friend to help you leave the hospital and return home.

Outstanding Charges

Before going home, you must pay for any chargeable services you have received during your stay. You can do this on the morning of your departure, at the Cashiers’ Office located in the main entrance to the hospital.

Special Medical Equipment

Patients who need to use any medical equipment when they go home may borrow it from the hospital, based on availability. There is a nominal charge for this service. For more details, ask your assigned nurse to contact the Administration to co-ordinate and facilitate arrangements and make sure all patient needs are met when they are leaving the hospital.

Self Discharge or Refusal of Treatment

Every patient has the right to make their own decisions about their health and the healthcare they receive. This includes the right to accept or refuse treatment and leave the hospital against medical advice. However, if you choose to do this, you will be advised of the consequences of your decision and asked to sign a release form, which will be placed in your medical record. The release form will also explain any expected or possible consequences of your decision.

Follow-up Appointments

Your nurse or ward clerk will arrange for a follow-up appointment in the Outpatient Department if one is necessary. The follow-up appointment will be recorded on an appointment card and given to you at the time of your discharge.

Discharge Medication

Your nurse will provide you with your doctor’s prescription for medication to take home with you. Your medication can then be collected from the Pharmacy which is open 24/7 and located next to the main entrance of the hospital, very close to the Cashiers’ Office where payment can be made.

Wheelchair Assistance and Bell Boy Service

If you need it, there is a wheelchair service to take you from your room to your car. Your assigned nurse can arrange this. For transportation of your personal belongings to the car, contact the Ward Clerk, who can arrange for a Bell Boy to come and help you.